Hello, I am Willianey C. Santos, the website owner sales: www.wshopbrasil.com here in the country: Brazil.

I went into a GREAT WORLD COMPANY Marcketing of Multi Level.
I am recommending heart, join in this enterprise, and together we will grow our way of life. Financial health, life status and more.

What company is this? http://www.wshop.bhipglobal.com

She has set up headquarters in various parts of the world, aiming to equip our entrepreneurs and their customers, an experience that exceeds your highest expectations, making them proud to share our company with people who know, love and trust the most.

What am I doing in this company?

You do not need to stop doing what he does now. You’ll just buy one and taste the power of this new energy. And then campartilhar your new experience with their relatives and friends that you want to see well.

Experience, feel and share. Just that. Will you EARN BIG MONEY around the world!

Between that site and watch the video and sign up:

My ID is: 50292

In any doubt, talk to me.

ok, I’ll wait here.

How about knowing unpublished photos from headquarters in Hong Kong?

Below the address, telephone and unpublished images of the Headquarters office “BHIP Global in Hong Kong:

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